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Outdated equipment can slow your business down and make it less competitive. Upgrade it fast with an equipment loan today.

If you need to replace old equipment, outdated software, or simply bring in new equipment, an equipment loan can make it happen. Equipment loans give you the money upfront so you can purchase equipment right away. Then, pay off the loan in small manageable payments over time.

Equipment Loans

Most businesses use equipment loans to purchase what they need to keep their business running.

Equipment Lease

Sometimes, purchasing new equipment isn’t the best answer. A lease empowers you with flexible terms.


Sell your current equipment and lease it back. Generate working capital without any disruption to productivity.

Hard Money Loans

Even when you’ve been denied by traditional banks, Hard Money Loans can close in a matter of days.

Find the resources to match your vision and drive as an entrepreneur.

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Equipment Loans

Most businesses use equipment loans to purchase what they need to keep their business running. That’s because they make buying new equipment more affordable. Loans put high-value equipment within reach of small business owners.

Equipment loans use the equipment being purchased as collateral. That way, they can offer financing to companies with new or damaged credit histories. If the business is unable to repay the loan, the lender can take possession of the equipment.

It’s not only tractors, vehicles, and machines that can qualify either. If your business needs server clusters, supercomputers, or valuable software systems, we can help you find the financing you need.

Equipment Leasing

Sometimes, purchasing new equipment isn’t the best answer. If you expect your equipment to need frequent repairs or upgrades, leasing is a better option. When you lease equipment, the owner is responsible for any maintenance and repairs needed.

Leasing is often a less costly option as well. Instead of coming up with a large lump sum every few years, you can make reasonable monthly payments. Regular payments are easier to plan for and easier to manage.

Most equipment loans carry terms of about 10 years. If your equipment fails before then, you could end up paying for something you’re no longer using. This is one example of when leasing could be the wiser option.


A sale-leaseback is a great way to generate working capital when you need it. It lets you get money for your equipment while you continue to utilize it for your business. You can sell the equipment to a lessor who provides a lump sum for the purchase. Then, your business pays to rent the equipment back from them.

In some cases, the lessor will give you the option to buy back the equipment at the end of the term. You may also choose to renew the lease for another term. If it’s time for an upgrade, you can let the lessor have the equipment.

Hard Money Loans

Have you had trouble securing a loan from a traditional bank? Are you working on repairing damaged credit? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the solution could be a hard money loan.

Hard money loans use assets like equipment to secure financing for other projects. Since these loans are asset-based, lenders don’t rely on your credit score to determine if you qualify for funding.

Using our network of lenders, we can help you leverage the assets you have now to boost capital, acquire property, fund other equipment, and build. Best of all, wait times for approval are short, sometimes the next day.


Equipment loans are structured specifically for the tools and technologies you need, without leveraging your other assets:


Break down the high cost of buying new equipment


Offload repair and maintenance responsibilities


Use your assets to generate cash


Fund a variety of necessary equipment for your business

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Bring in New Tech & Equipment

Begin by filling out a short questionnaire. Your answers help us get an idea of who you are and where you want to go.

Here’s how to get started:

Begin by filling out a short questionnaire. Your answers help us get an idea of who you are and where you want to go. Then, speak to one of our professional brokers. We’ll get deeper into the details of your financial needs. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll hunt for the best offers to fit your situation. Finally, we’ll bring you options and help you with an application.

Strained resources

Expand your working capital to better manage daily expenses with working capital loans, hard money loans, factoring, and equipment sale-leaseback.

Rental Revenue

Add to your asset portfolio by acquiring, renovating, flipping, or refinancing real estate. Leverage existing property to secure funding for other areas of your business.

Leasing issues

Break away from landlord restrictions, rent increases, and tenant improvement battles by owning your own operating space.

High-cost markets

When it costs more to buy, build instead. Get a land acquisition development loan, construction loan, temp-to-perm loan, or owner-occupied loan.

Our solutions help you keep your business moving forward.

The longer you wait to repair or upgrade your equipment, the more you have to lose. Stay relevant in a competitive market by keeping your equipment running and up-to-date.


Talk to us about an equipment loan today so you can boost production, improve working capital, and meet customer demand.
When is leasing equipment better than buying?
If your equipment has a short lifespan, it might be a good idea to lease instead. Any equipment you finance should last at least as long as the loan. If your equipment needs are short-term, consider leasing instead.
What if I have equipment but I need cash?
You can use the equipment you already own in a sale-leaseback or a hard money loan. Both options bring cash into your business quickly while allowing you to continue the use of your equipment.
How long can you finance equipment?
Loan terms vary, but most are around 10 years. Individual lenders offer anywhere from 36 months to over 10 years to pay back the loan. Work with us to find the best loan terms for your business.
How do I get an equipment loan with bad credit?
In many cases, you can improve your chances of getting a loan by offering a higher down payment. You could also offer additional collateral on the loan. Hard money loans look at the value of the equipment to determine what to offer.